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When do I need vasoconstrictor drops?
When you need to quickly and carefully relieve eye redness due to dilation of blood vessels caused by irritation, allergic reactions, foreign bodies, makeup or chlorinated water, and to remove eyelid edema and swelling.
How long may I take the medication?
According to the product labelling, SIGIDA Crystal should not be taken for longer than 3-5 days (reference to the labelling).

What are the contraindications?
- Hypersensitivity to medication components.
- Angle-closure glaucoma.
- Under 2 children.

Please read the product labelling.
What gives the SIGIDA Crystal drops a rewetting effect?
SIGIDA Crystal drops contain hyaluronic acid with a marked rewetting effect. It can contain a volume of water that is 1,000 times larger than its own volume. It creates an even durable lacrimal film on the corneal surface that is not washed off by blinking and does not result in visual impairment.
May children take SIGIDA Crystal?
According to the product labelling, SIGIDA Crystal should not be taken by children under 2.
Does SIGIDA Crystal cause addiction?
It may be used for 3-5 consecutive days. It does not cause addiction when the product labelling is followed.
May I use SIGIDA Crystal without removing contact lenses?
Avoid direct contact of the medication with contact lenses. We recommend removing contact lenses before instilling the eye drops.
What are the reasons for supplying SIGIDA Crystal in such a dosage form?
Single dosage form - preservative-free
Single dosage form - sterile
Single dosage form - impenetrability ensured by the cap allows using the medication without fear of contamination of the content
Single dosage form - made of plastic, easy-to-use at work and when traveling
Single dosage form - sparing use, required amount of used doses
What is the average price of SIGIDA Crystal in pharmacies?
Average price in pharmacies - RUB 250-270.

Please read the product labelling.
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